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french bulldog puppy

Cuddly puppies always make the wait better. Especially BJ.



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Working Synopsis:

Twenty-four-year-old Venus Sinclair knows what she wants out of life: fun, sun, and to deliver babies as Midtown’s newest midwife. Unfortunately, no one takes the quirky hairdresser seriously.
When she literally stumbles over a dead body in her favorite Betsey platforms, Venus is suddenly elbow-deep in hot water — and not because she’s washing hair.

The only thing that annoys Detective Encino Brown more than small-town gossips are vivacious blondes that can’t seem to stay out of his business — or out of trouble. The hairdresser with too much style and not enough sense and her equally nosy French Bulldog, BJ, are enough to make him wish he’d never been assigned to the case, despite the fact that it’s his last chance at redemption.

But as bodies stack up, his suspicions narrow in on the one person who seems to always know a little too much: Venus Sinclair. He knows she is involved — how else can he explain how she’s always one step ahead of him? Her psychic claim is a ruse to cover her tracks. Or is it?


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